Autoklaas No1 – what is it?

Autoklaas1’s Partners include all of Estonia’s best car glass dealing firms. Today, we have over 20 Partners, which covers the whole of the country.


What do we offer?

Since our firm has liaisons with all main insurance companies offering the casco insurance:

Swedbank P&C Insurance AS; PZU – AB “Lietuvos draudimas” Eesti filiaal; IF P&C Insurance AS; Seesam Insurance AS; ERGO Insurance SE; AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company Eesti filiaal; Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Eesti filiaal; ADB Gjensidige Eesti filiaal; Salva Kindlustuse AS

… provides fast, precise and comfortable full service – there is no need for any additional insurance policies!

Quality – original vs original spare part.

Using the best materials available, we can promise the best quality possible. Glass used is imported from the biggest glass producers in the business – Pilkington and ASAHI, which in addition to OE glass, manufacture original spare parts. For the more price conscious consumer we offer B-spare glass for a lower cost. Everything else we offer (seals, clamps, glass adhesives and tools) is supplied by renowned companies like Pilkington, Sika etc.

Gratification and guarantees

When you become our client we will not leave you alone with your problem – helping you is our responsibility. Because we are certain of the quality our business offers, there is a 10 year guarantee for our products!