Glass Replacement

Fixing the glass isn’t always possible – in that case we’ll replace your damaged glass cheap and quickly!

If you have casco insurance You’ve come to the right place – all You have to do is fill out the insurance claim form and we’ll do all the rest for You! We only use glasses that meet the standards set by the OEM, meaning that the replacement parts are made by the manufacturer of the original part. This insures that replaced glasses restore the original state of the vehicle. The general surface of windshields has increased over the past decades and thus glasses have become an important part of the structure of the car (a windshield makes up to 34% of the torsion stiffness of the construction of the body). That’s why it’s of great importance how and who replaces your glass. We have over 15 years of experience behind us and that’s why we can proudly claim that the best experts are located at our 22 agencies. On top of that all of our replacements come with a 10 year warranty which outdoes the warranties of other agencies and service centers manyfold.

When choosing, choose the best – Autoklaas1!