1-year warranty terms by the manufacturer to windshields:

The warranty encompasses the following production and raw material defects: – optics (by the ECE 43 standards)- laminating- wearing down (by the ECE 43 standards)- measurement and curvature The warranty does not encompass: – glass replaced on rusty frames- damage to the glass brought on by mechanical forces- glass with signs of mechanical damage or scraping on the crack- damage to the glass caused by unintended use of the vehicle- damage to the glass caused by deformation of the body or manufacturing fault- the glass of cars used for racing or training- previously repaired glass (stone chips, cracks etc)- defects caused by natural wearing down (by the ECE 43 standards)

Hermetic warranty terms for the services offered by Autoklaas 1:

The warranty encompasses: – 10-year hermetic warranty to Autoklaas 1 replaced glass by adhesives(varies between partners)- The warranty does not encompass:- a body that is rusty or gives right to suspect that it might be rusty- body that has been deformed due to an accident/car bench- deformations caused by defects of the manufacturer of the car- body deformations caused by natural erosion