Windscreen repair

Why repair your glass?

  • Cracks – fixing the glass keeps the chip from turning into a crack or multiple cracks over time, which would ensue in having to replace the windshield.
  • Time – fixing the glass only takes about 30 minutes compared to the 2-3 hours that it usually takes to replace the glass.
  • Money – fixing the glass is a lot cheaper than replacement.
  • Looks – a fixed chip is practically invisible to the eye.
  • Strength – a fixed glass is as strong as if it was new.
  • Body – since the glass doesn’t have to be removed the body will maintain it’s stiffness.
  • Casco insurance – most insurance companies favour glass repair and in most cases it comes without deductible and free of charge plus this doesn’t cause changes in the insurance payments.
  • Thinking green – you’re helping to preserve nature – no waste is produced